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ARTS has around 40 employees throughout Europe. The ARTS team, headed by Leo Willert, consists of specialists with many years of experience in the planning and construction of highly complex databases, financial mathematicians, economists and first-rate trading experts. Together, they are responsible for the development of trading systems, programming, database maintenance, monitoring the buy and sell signals generated by the system, and last but not least, the ongoing refinement and optimization of trading systems. Experts from the Sales, Marketing & Communications, Mid Office and Legal & Compliance departments complement the ARTS team.

Whether management, marketing or sales - we are always ready for questions and concerns for our partners. Simply click on the desired department in the selection field to find your contact person.

ARTS Management
Managing Director, Head of Trading
Mag. Leo Willert
Managing Director
Mag. Thomas Rieß
Managing Partner, Trading & Development
Jürgen Kultscher
Managing Partner, Trading & Development
Markus Letschka
Managing Director
Helmut Spitzer
Managing Director
Gunther Pahl
Assistant to the Management
Eva Pauritsch
Assistant to the Management
Jasmine Spangl
Head of Midoffice
Mag. Michael Schmidt
Christian Wöber M.A.
Managing Director
Gunther Pahl
Sales Director AT
Mag. Harald Fuchs
Head of Germany
Ena Berisha
Sales Director DE
Sven Boström
Sales Director DE
Alexander Azmann
Head of Sales Support DE
Martina Dillmann
Sales Director SK
Frantisek Michalovich
Sales Director PL & Baltic
Joanna Głowala
Deputy Sales Director PL & Baltic
Grzegorz Buchta
Sales Director CZ
Martin Milek
Head of Sales Support
Mag. Stanislava Velasova
Sales Support
Dr. Dorottya Freidinger
Sales Support
Nicola Murray-Steininger
Marketing & Communications
Head of Marketing & Communications
Mag. Marie-Therese Zell
Marketing & Communications
Manuela Pichler
Legal & Compliance
Head of Legal & Compliance
Mag. Kerstin Kienleitner