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Two worlds, one goal: Maximum performance

Whether the stock exchange floor or the racetrack - speed and performance decide success or failure in both worlds.
ARTS Sposoring ARTS Image Film The long-standing company Lechner Racing has just under 40 years of motor sports experience, countless victories and championship titles in international motor sports, first and foremost in the Porsche Supercup, the fastest brand cup in the world running up to the Formula 1. ARTS Asset Management is a company with its headquarters in Vienna and St. Pölten, which since 2003 has managed investment funds totalling 2.5 billion Euros with its technical trading system, has been named best national umbrella fund nine times in a row and is the winner of more than 300 international awards and honours. Both companies are leaders in their respective fields - and have worked hand in hand since 2014 towards a common goal: maximum performance

"The financial industry and motor sports show amazing similarities: The collection, analysis and evaluation of highly complex data is a deciding factor in success. The telemetry data determine the perfect chassis setup in the race car, whereas in fund management, the interpretation of price data is the key to success," says Leo Willert, Managing Director and Head of Trading at ARTS. "The goal in both areas is the same: maximum performance. And we know that's not up for discussion."

"Successful data evaluation has gained a tremendous amount of ground in past years. All the more reason we are pleased that with ARTS we have found a partner that not only shares our philosophy, but is also an absolute expert in analysing and evaluating extremely large and complex quantities of data," says Robert, who shares ownership of Lechner Racing GmbH with his brother Walter Lechner jun. Whether on the stock exchange floor or the racetrack - your performance can be objectively tracked based on results. We've now been working together for some time. Knowledge transfer will allow our engineers and technicians to implement our experience better and faster in test drives and increase our maximum performance so as to achieve further racing success and championship titles despite increasingly fierce competition."

For ARTS Asset Management, the Porsche Supercup, as part of the Formula 1 championship, offers an attractive platform to be present with the ARTS brand in the international context.