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ARTS Asset Management GmbH

ARTS Asset Management, a company of the C-Quadrat Investment Group, was founded in 2003 by Leo Willert and Thomas Rieß. ARTS is an Austrian investment firm with headquarters in Vienna and a branch office in St. Pölten and specializes on managing quantitative total return-strategies.

With its mixed funds, ARTS is one of the pioneers of trend following. The funds represent an active asset management approach and are not benchmark oriented (market index). 

With a proprietary technical trading system, all investment decisions are made based on clearly defined mathematical algorithms and are therefore independent of human emotions such as fear and greed.

In accordance with quantitative criteria, investments are made systematically in those industries or sectors that show a positive trend behavior in the short to medium term.

The basis for the successful use of the ARTS trading systems is a specially developed, carefully maintained database, updated several times a day and contains data on well over 10,000 investment funds and ETFs worldwide. 

ARTS now also climate positive

Since 2021 ARTS Asset Management has been certified as a climate positive company. 

ARTS is now not only climate neutral but also climate positive. This means that by supporting rainforest projects we bind twice as much CO2 as we cause as a company. Read more ...

Active fund management

The core strength of the ARTS funds lies in the combination of the permanent adjustment of the portfolio to the respective development of the individual markets and the resulting active risk management. The aim is to limit losses to generate positive returns in the long term.

Flexible investment strategy

Within the framework of their total return approach, the ARTS funds have flexible investment guidelines at their disposal. Depending on the market situation and fund regulations, investments can be made in equity, bond, and money market funds. Those sectors, regions, or countries with the strongest momentum and thus the chance to outperform the overall market are weighted in the portfolio.

Trend-following fund solutions

"Follow the trend as long as it is intact and get out when the market turns and starts making losses." Following this motto "The trend is your friend, until the end", ARTS' trend following systems follow exactly this idea. Details of the trading approach can be found in our video "Trend following simply explained".

Avoidance of long loss phases

The professional total return concept ensures systematic risk management. Due to the consistent use of a market-dependent equity exposure control and stop-loss system, the loss potential is to be reduced in falling markets by gradually lowering the equity exposure.

Excellent performance

Creating long-term value and preserving it for future generations is more important than ever. Volatile financial markets and the rapidly changing investment landscape present a major challenge for any responsible investor.

Those who invest in longer-term time horizons expect solid returns on an ongoing basis. ARTS Asset Management's investment funds have proven their stability in past crises and consistently generated returns in boom periods.

Over the past 19 years, the funds managed by ARTS Asset Management have been honoured with over 330 international awards and the company has been voted Austria's best fund of funds manager for the tenth time by the renowned GELD magazine. ARTS currently manages approximately 1.83 billion EUR in 13 flexibly managed funds.